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About Us

Nestling in the shady grounds of the elegant Rawdons Hotel in the heart of the Midlands Meander, you will find a thriving independent brewery which has long been delighting locals and visitors with a range of naturally brewed ales and lagers.

The secret of the company’s success lies in the outstanding range of beers produced here. Only the purest spring water drawn from an artesian well on the grounds and finest quality hops and malted barley are used to create beers of outstanding character with a smooth, well-rounded taste.

Notties Brewery is now the oldest independently owned craft brewery in South Africa, a title that they are extremely proud of and one to which they dedicate the finest quality of hand-brewed beer.

Meet the Team

The Notties family are super-passionate about the quality products that they produce, headed up by the owners, Peter and Susan Dean. John Morrow took over the brewery manager position in 2014, and he also forms part of the brewing team with head brewer Thulani Memela, brew consultant Peter Larsen, and the latest addition, assistant brewer Cindy Nkabinde. The factory staff are always full of smiles and good cheer, with Silindile Majola and Buyi Phungula in packaging and bottling, and Sydney Mzimela on keg maintenance and driving duties for deliveries and tap installations. Thanda Mlotshwa is assistant to head stiller Nick Cahill in our gin-making process, and the team is rounded out by Hlezi Hlongwane as the welcoming face of the brewery shop and tap room deck.

Management – (left to right): Peter Dean (Owner & Founder); Peter Larsen (Brew Consultant); John Morrow (Brewery Manager; Assistant Brewer); Nick Cahill (Head Stiller)

Where it all started

Australian-born Peter Dean and his wife Susan are the co-owners of both the Nottingham Road Brewing Company and Rawdons Hotel. In the early 90’s, once they had taken over the family hotel business, Peter (an avid beer-drinker) had a decidedly good idea – to make a local beer for the local Midlands folk, packed with heart and flavour. With the help of Trevor Morgan (an ex-SAB brewer), they built a small pilot system in the hotel cellar on which to formulate a few basic recipes and get to grips with small-batch brewing and, after about a year of finding their feet, started construction of the brewery, installed all the equipment, and started making some magic. The micro-manufacture license was approved in 1996, and the doors opened to a welcome reception.

Bottling 1994-1995
First Brew March 1994
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